Hi! I'm Grace, Artist and Illustrator who love animals, photography, nature a good cup of coffee and vintage stuff. ​Portrayings beautiful faces sometimes in surrealistic manners.


I mostly create realism and surrealism feminine personifications and faces that come from my heart. Every  one of them are made with their own story or poem.


​-My Daughters  are my greatest creations and the biggest source of my inspiration, they live in full color.

-My dreams they are come every-night with weird realities or beautiful emotions.
- My own Poetry, melodies and my quiet time.


Oil, Acrylics and mixed Media are my favorite mediums but always loved experimenting  in many mediums and surfaces to growing as an artist. 


I recently started in sculpture to create cute and beautiful creatures and realistic faces.

 Hope you enjoy my work.

At this moment I'm writing my first fiction novel, finishing an illustrated book for children's. 

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